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Property Investment - the most popular choice


Buy with Confidence with Obrana

  • Requires the minimum financial commitment.
  • All property types (land, property under construction or fully built) qualify
  • Properties may be combined to reach the minimum €500,000.
  • Possibility of co-ownership with each co-owner making a minimum investment of  €500,000
  • GV application only possible post payment of at least €500,000
  • Possibility of financing above the € 500,000 investment
  • Property can be freely rented during thr GV process.
  • Property can be sold after the investor has received his Permanent Residency or Citizenship.
  • Property must be purchased post October 2012
  • Obrana is an integrated property company that buys, designs and builds its own developments, thereby offering best priced properties.
  • We have 100%  success rate for Obrana Golden Visa investors
  • Our homes are located in sought after locations (sea view or golf developments)
  • All properties are due diligenced
  • The quality of Obrana's construction and aftercare service is echoed in numerous testimonials and awards.
  • Our team is available on site to ensure your property always looks as good as the day you bought it.
  •  We also provide a full package of services from Rental to Property managment making the process property ownership abroad 100% hassle free.

Obrana has operated in Portugal for over 20 years.
Our testimonials echo the Group’s enduring commitment to client service and exceptional quality.