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There are three sets of costs that Investors must consider:

 1. Property Purchase Costs

When you buy a property in Portugal, two taxes are applicable together with Notary & registration fees: 

As a guideline, fully built up purchase cost for a property of €500,000 is approx:  

 Description  EUROS
 Property Price  500,000
 Property Transfer Tax (IMT) 28,965
 Stamp Duty (IS) (0.8%) 4,000
 Deed, Notary Costs & registration costs  1,000 
Note: IMT & IS are subject to change, please check with us for latest information 

2. Legal Fees

 The Golden Visa application to the Immigration & Borders Service is normally handled by Legal companies.   Fees vary from company to company but investors should budget about 1.5-2% of the property price for their legal fees.  

We work with the top Legal companies in Portugal and would be happy to introduce them to you. 


3. Immigration and Borders Services *

* Costs are subject to updates and should be verified at time of application


If you need any additional information on Portuguese Residency, please Contact us