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Step 1: Pre arrival in Portugal 

The process starts with an initial visit to Portugal for selection of the property investment and completing the necessary formalities eg bank account opening, obtaining a Fiscal number etc.  Advise us of your specific property requirements, family structure and needs, and we will tailor a Golden Visa property inspection visit for your individual circumstances.  

We will liaise with our legal partners to prepare your applications, obtain tax numbers etc and book any other appointments eg bank.

Step 2: Arrival in Portugal  

Obrana will assist fully during your stay

We have developed a fast and simple process so that busy investors need only be in Portugal for circa 4 days:

 Day 1:
  • Meet lawyers to understand process, give Powers of Attorney, Request Fiscal Number
  • Visit Properties.
 Day 2:
 Day 3:
  • Visit Bank & open personal bank account 
  • Make final selection
 Day 4:
  • Property Reservation

and documents to bring with you include:

Once the investor returns to his home country, the funds for the property purchase should be transferred to their own Portuguese bank account so the lawyers can complete the property purchase.

The investor can also start collating other documents  (eg police clearance record, marriage certificates etc) that will be required for the GV application . We will guide and assist you throughout.

Step 3: Biometrics & GV Application 

Post purchase of the property, and once the investor has the other documents needed (eg police clearance record, marriage certificates etc),  the investor and other family members can come to Portugal to provide the Biometrics to the Portuguese Immigartion authority.  .  

Once the residency application is submitted, the Immigration Services will analyse and give their approval.

The average time for the processing of approvals is currently 6-9 months.

On approval, the residency card fees are paid and the cards are generally available within 4 weeks.  The first card is valid for 1 year. 

The lawyers will collect this and courier to the investor.  The investor and family are then free to visit Portugal at any time for 7 days to fulfill the residency requirement prior to the expiry of the permit. 


The requirements for renewal are equally simple and the investor and his family will need to return to Portugal to provide Biometric data. 

Once approved, the card fee is paid and the process is as above


After 5 (five) years of holding this temporary residence permit, the investor and his family can apply for a permanent residence permit or in the sixth year, apply for European Passport / Citizenship.  The timeline for approval of Citizenship is circa 6-8 months.