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Portugal Golden Visa - "most attractive European residency"

Portugal Golden Residence Permit Programme or Portugal Golden Visa  is a fast track for investors to obtain a fully valid residency permit / passport in Portugal which gives full access to the European Schengen countries.

Launched by the Portuguese Authorities, in October 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa programme is aimed at attracting foreign investment into the country. 

It is a very straightforward and flexible programme, with simple and clear legal requirements through which you can obtain Portuguese residency and later EU citizenship for yourself and your family without having to live permanently live in Portugal.

The success rate of investors reflects why Portuguese Golden Visa programme is considered "most attractive European residency / Schengen visa" options. Economist magamzine

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Golden Visa Homes, Direct from The Developer

Obrana Group has a 100% Portugal Golden Visa success rate for Obrana investors.

Obrana Group is an integrated property developer that buys, designs and builds its own developments. Obrana investors are getting quality properties at best price from an internationally award winning developer.

We offer a fully comprehensive one-stop Portugal Golden Visa service where everything can be done in a 3 day visit.

Working in tandem with our legal partners, have successfully obtained Portugal Golden Visa Residency Permits for over 200 clients and their families.  

Our directors have been involved with the Portugal Golden Visa programme since the start and with our substantial experience, we have made the Portugal Golden Visa process simple and hassle-free. 


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Portuguese Passport - Power Ranking #5

In 2016, the Portuguese Passport was given a Power Ranking of 5 - equal to Luxembourg , Austria and US - where 155 Countries allow Visa free access.  Power Ranking 1 was for German & Swedish Passports with 158 countries giving visa free access - the three extra countries being Kazakhstan, Rwanda and Vietnam . 

In 2016, Forbes magazine also ranked Portugal "5th Most Peaceful country" .  "Portugal is a rising star in the area — it rose nine places in the rankings this year and clinched a spot in the top five. With financial reforms in place, Portugal has made significant strides in lowering violence and terror and is returning to greater political stability and economic promise".

Portugal has excellent medical care systems and universities.  MBAs are rated highly internationally and partner with Universities such as MIT.  Portugal has investor friendly Taxation policy where there is no Inheritance or taxation on worldwide income.  

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HEIGHTS II - Stunning homes with Breathtaking Ocean Views

Set in an enviable location above Peralta Beach, just 35 minutes drive from Lisbon airport, HEIGHTS II is an ultra high quality development of just 19 three and four bedroom luxury homes.

With sweeping ocean views, these homes offer spacious living area, generously-sized terraces, private pools and landscaped gardens.  Each home is custom built with the finest quality materials and workmanship to offer a selected few sophisticated modern luxury.

HEIGHTS II is supported by a professional team on site to help with every aspect of ensuring that you get the home that you want – from purchase, through furnishing, to management and rental.  Whatever your needs, we can provide a tailored service that gives you peace of mind from start to finish.

HEIGHTS II homes also qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa scheme whilst in construction.

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